I believe the placenta deserves to go back to the body, and not to pathology. In only very rare cases would it be warranted unfit for consumption. Research on placenta consumption, or as it's called placentophagy is very limited. This reason varies, but at this time, more and more conversations are being brought to light as women chose to make their after-birth, their placenta, a sacred part of their birth experience. Placenta consumption must be a deeply personal choice. My role is to not convince you of anything, but to be the person that will support you in your rights and choices around your birth, your body, and this very sacred organ.

In no case should the placenta not be valued and seen as sacred. It should be touched, seen, and honored by every women that births. You have made this great miraculous thing that your baby has lived inside for months. There is nothing like it. It can't be replicated. It can't be duplicated. Its consumption is both a spiritual offering to the body, and a physical one. By honoring your placenta, in whichever way you chose, you claim the sanctity of your birthing body.

Since 2015 I have been honoring the placenta with families through a myriad of different processes. One of the main ways is through consumption by encapsulation. I was mentored and trained in handling blood borne pathogens as an EMT and through a holistic process, and am up to date on my current certification. I infuse both safety and reverence into every placenta offering. The yield of capsules will be dependent on the size of your placenta, but average is 90-150.

I prefer a consult via phone prior to your birth to go over logistics, do a health intake, and discuss your goals and hopes for postpartum. Encapsulation services include a postpartum visit of about 1-2 hours that is tailored to your needs surrounding mental health, lactation, baby care, or just encouragement. I will work with your other providers, providing them a report via phone/text of our visit and communicating with them as needed to ensure continuity of care.

Other options for placenta ceremony:







Cord burning ceremony (home birth only)

Total Investment: $300.00 paid in advance

*If cost is prohibitive please reach out, no one is turned away

Doula supported cesarean, Cottage Hospital, 2022.

Some information to review:

+ Your placenta will not replace a medication, it will work with you to support your body in postpartum

+ It will not mitigate a true PMAD episode/event (we will discuss this)

+ It will support you spiritually, emotionally, physically, and nutritionally

+ You will have details on storage and dosage and I will always be available for questions :)

Please email to schedule a consult:


*If you have delivered and we have not consulted that is OKAY! Just call 805.637.3249

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“I had a baby. I’m a superhero.”

-Kelly Rowland